About Apples

The potential for the Georgian Bay area to grow apples has been recognized since the early 19th century.

The first plantings in the Beaver Valley date back to 1846.  At present there are over 4,500 acres of apple orchard in this district.

There are approximately 1,200 acres of apple orchard in the Meaford area, mostly to the west of town.

This area is suitable for apple production as a result of a micro climate created by two natural features.  The most significant feature is the cool water of the Nottawasaga Bay.  A large body of water changes slowly in temperature as the seasons change, which moderates the air temperature and, thus reduces the chances of late spring and early fall frosts.

The second feature is the Niagara Escarpment which forms the southern protective boundary and confines the micro climate to the fertile soils near the bay, making apple growing possible.

There are approximately 70 different commercial apple growing operations in the Georgian Bay area.  These orchards produce about 25% of Ontario's apple crop annually.  Recent yields have been as high as 3 million bushels of fruit, with about 40% of this fruit being packed and sold as fresh, whole apples.

Our acreage of new orchard is expanding yearly as our growers are both replacing old obsolete trees, and expanding their acreage.  As an area we are quickly changing from large sized, so called standard trees to new, modern orchard systems.

Excerpted from the "Georgian Bay Fruit Growers Inc." brochure.


Apple Varieties

The major apple variety in our area is the McIntosh.  Our area grows the premium quality McIntosh in North America, and are famous for this hard red and green apple.  McIntosh makes up about 40% of the apples grown in the Georgian Bay area, Northern Spy is the second most important variety.  Spy apples are primarily processing apples used for apple sauce and pie fillings.

For information about all of the wonderful varieties of apples visit the Ontario Apple Growers website by clicking here.








Northern Spy

Apple photos courtesy of the Ontario Apple Growers website.



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